Hey! I am Louie and I am currently experiencing the lift hills, dive drops and corkscrews of the roller-coaster ride - that is, writing my first novel.

Growing up in a small town in Norfolk, I spent much of my childhood in the local churchyard where my friends and I loved to play and exchange ghost stories.  But I would always be the one to take the telling of these tales too far, resulting in tears and the odd stern reprimand!

My curiosity for all that is strange and unusual has never waned and I find myself still fascinated by anything that challenges my perception of the world. This curiosity is at the heart of the stories I love to hear and also those I love to write.

When I am not writing, I love to explore and photograph churches. There are over 650 historic churches in Norfolk alone, and I am on a mission to visit them all.

Feel free to drop me a line via my Contact Me page or catch up with me on social media using the icons below.

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