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Day Fifteen - the.lostplaces

When I explore these abandoned places, I never feel alone. Always feel I’m being followed or watched ... sometimes you hear the oddest of noises or a sudden shiver down your back ...

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Bodmin Jail

The jail sits on the edge of the Cornish moors, which are also said to be the home of the infamous Beast of Bodmin. Big cats aside, the jail has its own dark history.

Constructed in 1779, it was built by prisoners of war and was still in use until 1922. During its operation, over fifty hangings took place in the jail before later being relocated to Exeter Prison in 1909. The executions of some of the more notorious criminals attracted crowds of over 25,000, which is enough people to fill the Royal Albert Hall five times!

The executioner would have been paid around £10 per hanging, or £900 in today’s money. With more than two hundred offences carrying the death penalty in the 18th century, the job of the hangman could be a lucrative one.  

As well as housing inmates, the prison was also once home to the Crown Jewels and Domesday Book, which were hidden there for safekeeping during the First World War.

15th. PE37 8HE -All Saint's @ Necton.jpe

Today's church door... 

All Saint's, Necton

As you enter the church through the west tower you are instantly greeted by the sight of the impressive hammer beam roof, complete with a host of angels. The roof was repainted in hues of burnt orange and red in the 19th century as part of major restorations, which also included the rebuilding of the tower. 

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