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Halloween is one of the most wondrous times of the year and I want to collab with you to create an extra spooky countdown to the big day itself.

I want you to send me your most spooky photographs, scary videos, terrifying stories or creepy sounds.

If it’s weird, wonderful or just downright bizarre I want you to send it!

Every day in October, I will be featuring one of your fantastic submissions, not only on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but also on a very special and very spooky advent

calendar which will be launching here on October 1st.

How to enter

  • Entries can be submitted via email at or alternatively you can send me a DM on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Please don't forget to include your name as well as any applicable social media account usernames (this is so that I can tag you if your submission is selected).

  • Closing date for entries is Sunday 6th September

Louie's Halloween Countdown

Louie's Halloween Countdown

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What can I submit? It can be anything from a photograph, story or artwork to a sound, video or article – let your imagination run wild!

Whatever your preferred medium please note I will require at least one photo / picture / thumbnail to accompany it. Also, if you are submitting pictures only, please supply at least a sentence or two to describe your image.


Please note: I reserve the right to decline the promotion of any sites and or accounts that I deem inappropriate. Needless to say, please do not send content of an adult or graphic nature – it will not be viewed or accepted!

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