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Day Eleven - Sarah B

I am an artist who likes to delve into the darker aspects of life. My practice relates to themes of death, decay and ruins, deviance, voyeurism and sexuality, isolation, entrapment and claustrophobia. The thread that runs throughout is my fascination for how our inner worlds transcend into the physical, to how we perceive ourselves and how we are received by others.

My recent drawings have been inspired by the photographs of Marco Lanza, taken at the 400-year-old Palermo Crypt in Italy. The images he has captured are haunting - preserved skeletal figures, fully clothed, stand side by side, some caught in an infinite scream, others seemingly resigned to their fate. The finality of death hits me.

You can find more of Sarah's wonderful work on Instagram @being_sarah_b_art

Palermo 3
Palermo 1
Palermo 4
Palermo 2
Palermo 6
Palermo 5
11th. NR14 8SF - Arminghall.jpeg

Today's church door... 

St Mary, Arminghall

Exploring St Mary’s alone, I found it to be a pretty and peaceful little church. My visit was just before Christmas, and dotted around were the remnants of faded poinsettias along with a Christmas tree that lay on its side obscuring the font. Whilst photographing the chancel I heard the sound of someone coming into the building and turned to see who was there. 

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