St Peter & St Paul, Salle

St Peter & St Paul is a vast, 15th century church with an abundance of charming details to discover. I was particularly enamoured with a carving of a small monkey. Crouched liked a coiled spring on the end of a pew, this cheeky fellow looked poised, ready to leap into the air at any moment. The misericords of the choir are also beautifully carved with various faces as well as two fish meeting over breaking waves.

Whilst much of the original 15th century glass was destroyed, some remnants remain and feature in the top tracery of two of the 19th century replacements designed by Ernest Heasman in around 1896. One of his designs, a Jesse window, is dedicated to the memory of Lady Jordell. 

In the western corner, behind an ancient door, is a steep spiral staircase that leads up to a small vaulted ceiling chapel. Here you will see some delightful bosses, including representations of the green man and Coronation of the Queen of Heaven, although the latter are sadly now minus their heads.

The font is decorated with depictions of the seven sacraments and sports an impressive cover, raised with the help of a crane attached to the ringing gallery above.

1. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
2. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
3. The impressive font cover
4. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
5. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
6. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
7. Roof angel
8. Jesse window by Ernest Heasman
9. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
10. Wood paneling detail
11. Choir seats
12. Cheeky money on pew end
13. Tile detail
14. Choir misericord
15. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
16. Rood screen paintings
17. Choir misericord
18. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
19. St Peter & St Paul, Salle
20. Door to spiral stairs
21. Staircase to vaulted chapel
22. Queen of Heaven boss
23. Green man boss
24. Green man boss
25.Angel boss
26. Vaulted chapel
27. Font cover crane
28. Font detail