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Day Seventeen - R J Toothe

My name is RJ Toothe, and I've been exploring abandoned and reportedly haunted locations for half a decade now, enjoying most of all the eerie peace that comes along with these types of places. Even the most run down buildings, with the darkest histories, can hold beauty beyond words; that's what I set out to caputure. A life long New Englander with a special penchant for the spooky and forgotten.

You can follow more of R J's abandoned adventures on Instagram @toothestravels

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Fairfield Hills

Fairfield Hills Mental Asylum in Connecticut was once one of the largest psychiatric institutions in New England. The vast complex of sixteen buildings covered one hundred acres and, at its height, housed over four thousand patients. It was built on a series of underground tunnels which enabled patients to be easily transferred over this vast site from building to building.  

The asylum closed its doors in 1995 after a general decline in patient numbers due to the movement towards deinstitutionalisation. The buildings that remain are now a favourite haunt of urban explorers, although the tunnel system was unfortunately blocked up in 2009 due to safety concerns.

Fairfield Hills Mental Asylum, Connecticut
Fairfield Hills Mental Asylum, Connecticut
Fairfield Hills Mental Asylum, Connecticut
17th. St Mary's - Little Fransham.jpeg

Today's church door... 

SMary, Little Fransham

Whilst St Mary’s can be a little tricky to find it is definitely worth seeking out. Dating from the 13th century, it boasts an even earlier stone font from the 12th which sits at an unusual angle upon four columns. Once upon a time, the church had a tower which unfortunately collapsed and was subsequently removed in 1700. 

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