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Day Twenty-Three - Richard Fair

My passion for sound goes back to my school days, when we spent an entire lesson trying to record the sound of a pin drop.

The majority of my working life (including twenty years at the BBC as a producer and presenter) has been centred around sound and audio/video production.

I like to experiment with audio I’ve recorded and remix it with my own musical compositions to create new soundscapes.


Some of these are featured on my latest podcast series called Civilian Listening Service.

I also created the Norfolk Sound Map, my personal collection of field recordings and interviews from around Norfolk.

Fall Quiet

Fall Quiet

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23rd. NR12 0ED - Sea Palling.jpeg

Today's church door... 

St Margaret, Sea Palling

The view of Sea Palling Church tower is one I have taken in many times over the years whilst walking along the top of the nearby sand dunes. On nearing the church, it seems to disappear mysteriously behind the houses before revealing itself again on rounding the final bend.  

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