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Day Fourteen - Otherworld North East

Otherworld North East (OWNE) was founded in 2003 to research and investigate alleged hauntings and ghost-related activity throughout the North East of England as well as other ‘unexplained’ phenomena. We are a small team of voluntary researchers and fieldworkers who operate using the scientific method as a basic principle: we do not undertake public ghost hunts or events for entertainment.

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Don’t look behind you when you hear footsteps in a dark corridor…

Investigating and recording 19th century cellars can be a little awkward… especially when they were never fitted for electricity, are located in an overgrown hole in the ground, and allegedly infested by a poltergeist – or at the very least an entity that appears to enjoy stomping down corridors, screaming in visitors’ ears and pushing them around. The photograph is of an empty corridor… honest.

by Tony Liddell of OWNE

14th. HS5 3TW - St Clements @ Rodel.jpeg

Today's church door... 

SClement, Harris​

The church of St Clement can be found at the end of a long and narrow road in the small village of Rodel on the beautiful Isle of Harris. Rodel was once the historic capital of the island and, if the church seems familiar, that may be due in part to it being featured heavily in the BBCs Call the Midwife 2019 Christmas special.

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