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Day Seven - Nathan P. Abrahams

At heart I'm still a village boy but for the majority of my life I've lived in a town in Northamptonshire. A family man with a love for books and poetry, the fields and trees and tracks of the country still with me years on. I circle literature and poetry by way of Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman, Simon Armitage and Cormac McCarthy and of course many other amazing writers. I tend to waffle on, my apologies..

As I get older, childhood hazes away further down the cracked garden path of my 41 years, yet I find my imagination wilder and more curious, able to find the fantastic and wonderful in the smallest and perhaps mundane aspects of everyday life. And it's this normality I write about in my poetry, with a skewed perspective and occasional spectres and creatures making an appearance to fill out this other normal world I create and recreate daily in my head. There is sadness, frustration, horror but always hope. I try to not invite pessimism into the work.

My leading ambition is to write and release a book. One day, further up that cracked garden path.

For this anthology I chose one of my more nightmarish pieces, something I thought had strength in it's imagery. And a poem I'm quite proud of. But no title, I rarely use them.

Thank you for reading,

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Untitled by Nathan P Abrahams

Untitled by Nathan P Abrahams

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7th. NR12 7BG @ Crostwick.jpeg

Today's church door... 

St Peter, Crostwick

When I first ventured out to find St Peter’s I mistakenly took an overgrown little chapel that sat nearby in the grounds of the local Scout HQ to be it. . It wasn’t until much later that I looked at Google earth and could see that there was in fact a much larger church hidden amongst the trees at the back of the common. 

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