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Day Three - Lee Sakowicz

Lee Sakowicz is a documentary photographer based in southern California.

The beautiful image below was taken by Lee and is of the haunted Morey mansion in Redland, California.The mansion was once owned by a wealthy young doctor by the name of David Morey who built the house for his bride, Sarah. Sadly, their happiness in their new home was short lived when Sarah suddenly died just one year later.  The doctor, so stricken with grief, never returned to the house, instead taking up residence at the famous Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. There he began to drink heavily and eventually ended up taking his own life.

It is said that Sarah now haunts the blue room in the mansion where she died and that her husband is one of the many resident ghosts at the Coronado.

Check out more of Lee's beautiful photographs of California on Instagram @lee.sakowicz

Redlands, California.jpg
3rd. NR16 2NB - St Peter & St Paul @ Eas

Today's church door... 

St Peter & St Paul, East Harling

Whilst the earliest parts of the church date from the 13th century, it was in the 15th that the building was truly transformed into what it is today. The work was funded with a donation made by Sir Robert Harling (whose tomb can be found in the Lady Chapel) and continued by his daughter, Anne, and her subsequent husbands.

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