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Day Six - Lee Gibbs

My name is Lee Gibbs, I've worked in the Mortuary industry for almost 24 years. I've performed upwards of 25000 post mortem dissections and handled around 80 to 100000 deceased patients in that time. I'd never experienced more than the occasional feeling of not being alone or being watched at work and had no reason to feel uncomfortable.

I didn't have a particularly strong belief of anything paranormal prior to a very strange experience at great Yarmouth's pleasure beach previously but maintained an interested in the unusual aspects of other people's experiences.

You can follow more of Lee's fantastic photography on Instagram @gibbs.lee


What do you see in the dark?

"I took this image at the Three Tuns public house in Bungay, Suffolk. The pub itself boasts a number of ghosts, all of which I was unaware of at the time of taking the image.

I'd just got a new mobile phone that could take pictures, which was cutting edge at the time. I was at a function, but alone in the area that the image features. I was curious to see what a 'dark' shot would show, in terms of clarity of image, and just pointed and clicked in the relative gloom.

I thought nothing more of it until the following day...

It wasn't until I was showing my unimpressed wife the relatively new technology of camera phones that she asked 'who's that in the door?'

I think it shows a womanly shape wearing red with a white ruff around the neck and sleeve/waist? I'd be very interested to see what your viewers think.

The pub itself dates back to the 1500, and the cellar walls allegedly formed part of the outer defences of Bungay Castle".

What do you see in the picture? Please tell let us know in the comments below

6th - St Andrews parish church.jpeg

Today's church door... 

Thorpe St Andrew Parish Church

The grounds of St Andrew’s Parish Church have a real fairytale air about them. With picturesque ruins, including a tower, it’s easy to get lost in the romance of the place. These ruins are, however, not a natural product of time, but were in fact purposely created by intentionally ruinating the medieval church that once occupied the site.

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