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Day Twenty Seven - Fergus Lahr

My name is Fergus Lahr, and I am a silly little clown. I enjoy dancing before bedtime and creating videos for my friends, so that they can dance along with me.

For more wonderful dancing and clown fun follow Fergus on Instagram @alittleclownnamedfergus


Plus you can find a whole host of delightful Fergus merchandise at

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

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27th. NR12 7DW - St John's @ Coltishall.

Today's church door... 

St John, Coltishall

If you approach the church from the north, you will most likely be greeted by a charming couple in the form of a white dove and a pigeon. Here is where the unlikely pair have taken up permanent residence in an empty niche above the north porch and where they build their nest every year. One can only wonder how much of their nesting material is handily obtained from the church’s neatly thatched roof.

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