Church Crawls

Whilst I have always appreciated Gothic architecture it was, in fact, my in-laws who brought to my attention the abundance of rural churches discovered on their regular rambles through the Norfolk countryside. Inspired by their explorations, and the fact there are over 650 historic churches in Norfolk alone, I picked up my camera and began my own Church Crawling adventure.

It didn’t take me long to realise just how different and individual each church is. Not only is there a wide variation in features and decoration, but each also has its own unique history and character. There are those that are in regular use and very much loved, with facilities to make yourself a cup of tea and whole libraries of books to browse and buy. Whilst in others, cobwebs gather thickly in the corners as ivy slowly consumes the gravestones.

But no matter their condition, or how plain they may seem at first glance, every church has something special about it, even if it is only the smallest of details.

Once I took proper notice of these beautiful buildings that surround us all I found it impossible to pass one by again. In fact, I can’t go anywhere now without subconsciously scanning the tree lines, in the hope of glimpsing a spire.

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