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Day Thirty One - Louie Young

Have you ever been awoken in the dead of night? Heard something calling you out of the darkness? Enticing you to wander?

The Calling 

We carve our names upon the rocks.

Tracing the lines with our finger tips,

feeling all those who have gone before.

A permanent vow to one day return,

to look once more upon this green valley,

another chance to come home.

I followed a path that took me into a dream,

where I began,

a love affair,

with fairy tales castles,

with letting my heart rule my head,

and with me.

Through rain storms and dark clouds,

I will bear my soul,

say my prayers,

and nurture my dreams.

For in the end we all go the full circle.

And we have to let go of what has been.

For I believe in magic,

and in dreams coming true,

in following uncharted paths,

and finding where I am meant to be.

Sometimes we don’t always understand what calls us,

or why we venture into the wild.

But hearing it is enough

So, take a step.

Sow a seed.

Plant an acorn and grow.

For only then can your legend truly begin to be born.

31st. ST10 1ED- St Giles @ Cheadle.jpg

Today's church door... 

St Giles, Cheadle 

Located in the small town of Cheadle, Staffordshire, the first sight you will see of St Giles is its impressive 200-foot red sandstone steeple towering over the rooftops. Nothing in St Giles is left unadorned, with every surface, pier, archway and step painted, stencilled or laid with Minton tile. 

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