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Day One - Adam Brassey

I spend any time I have spare after working and mountain biking looking for interesting things to photograph, particularly streetart, and decaying derelict forgotten places. These places always have a nice eerie atmosphere.

You can follow more of Adam's urbex adventures on Instagram @brassey79

Abandoned waterworks by Adam Brassey

The face in the image is of a piece of street art by @brayk_graff, painted on what appears to be a level control panel, in the old abandoned waterworks, that was part of the disused reservoir in Buxton. After climbing through a window that had had the boarding torn off, I was walking down the filter hall with only torchlight to see by, all of the windows apart from one were boarded up. When the spot from my torch hit this piece of equipment the grinning face and the huge shadow it cast gave me quite a fright!

1st. NR3 1AW - St George @ Noriwch.jpeg

Today's church door... 

St George, Norwich

Despite its external appearance, St George’s interior is distinctly Georgian, with fixtures and furnishings obtained from churches that had fallen into disuse. The original high box pews were later cut down to their present height in 1899 and were one of the few alterations made by the Victorians.  

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